skate launch ramp

create or buy the skate ramps

When we love skateboarding then we would want to have our own skate ramps, so then we will practice all the time. But if we do not have such a board we can still practice on the streets or we can create your own board we want. If we want to create your own board is then that we have to consider is the quality of materials that will be […]

old school skateboard wheels

Old school skateboards to new skateboards

Formerly was the creation of a skateboard may seem raw, and shape and also the motive really boring, in contrast to our future skateboard. Skateboard that is no longer the times referred to as old school skateboards. Some stores both online and offline there are those who offer stuff like this, but it is like this is a little rare, because the existing skateboard loaded with accessories, a design that […]

skateboard brand stickers

Decorate our skateboard with skateboard stickers

When were buying a plain skateboard, or no decoration at all. So now do not worry at all. We have had many beautiful skateboard stickers that you can use on your favorite skateboard. Price offered is not too expensive. It is better if we see it in the store online store, because the color and the picture also unique, and unusual. We can search for and select it to us, […]

chris cole zero skateboards

Spooky designs of zero skateboard

Zero Skateboards is a company engaged in the manufacture skateboard industry, which is located in California United States. The company was founded by a professional skateboarder who is also an entrepreneur Jamie Thomas. Production of goods which he marketed by Black Box Distribution, and in June 2014 this year Thomas announced that he marketed goods which will be enforced by Dwindle Distribution. Initially the company was engaged in the manufacture […]

santa cruz skateboards simpsons

The unique of Santa Cruz skateboard brand

Santa Cruz skateboard is included in one of the companies that make skateboards that have existed for more than 40 years. The company is located in Santa Cruz, goods produced by this company is, kids jackets, hats, bags, etc. logo owned by Santa Cruz is truly unique, hand screaming and no symbols. However skateboard made ​​is not the same as other skateboard. The shape and the design are also miscellaneous. […]

complete plan b skateboards

The brand of plan B skateboard

Plan B skateboard is one company that makes skateboard board, the company was founded by professional skateboard players, who named Colin Mc Danny Kay and his way in 1991 They do not just sell board skateboard alone but they also sell clothes and also equipment required by a skateboarder. The company is located in Irvine California United States. Today the company merged with Australia’s Billabong International. As a board skateboard […]

element skateboard bearings

Brand of Element skateboard

Element skateboard or we could call the underworld element skateboard, is a company engaged in the manufacture of skateboard, like skateboard desk, footwear, etc… The company is located in Irvine, United States California. In company element 2000P Australian subsidiary company premises, the Billabong International. The company produces many quality skateboard board. Many skateboarding that uses a board with this brand, because the goods produced is also quality standards. Design of […]

skateboard trucks and wheels

The material in skateboard trucks

Key component for every skateboard is a metal axle that holds wheels (trucks). There are two trucks per set-up, for each wheel. The wheel must be durable and long lasting. Here are the parts and features that make up a set of skateboard trucks, as well as some information about how you can make your work the best equipment for you. As the base plate, is a basic part of […]

round skateboard rail

how to buy skateboard rails

Skateboard rails, is one of the stages in a skateboarding game, this technique is rather difficult if we compare it with the techniques of skateboarding ramps. If we want to use this technique or practice then we can make your own and keeping rails, or if we already have a skateboard ramps is better if we add the rails at the edges. Thus we can practice two techniques at once, […]

finger skateboard ramps

Skateboard ramps for beginner

Skateboarding is one of the extreme sports, with a variety of levels that must be controlled by its users. One of the steps that must be mastered by the players is a technique skateboard ramps skateboard. This technique is still fairly simple, and are still a beginner skateboarders should master this technique before they go into the next stage which is much more difficult. There are some boards that must […]