girl chocolate skateboards

20 Years of Chocolate Skateboards

In 2014, Chocolate Skateboards as one of the most popular skate companies has reach 20 years of their dedication and determination in skate world. To celebrate 20 years of Chocolate, they bring out the new series of skateboards decks, 20% discount off on the selected items, new tees catalogue, and there is also a great competition with an interesting prize. Chocolate Skateboards made three new series of skateboard decks to […]

flip skateboards lance mountain

Stay Gold with Flip Skateboards

Formed in the 1980’s, Flip Skateboards has become well-known skateboard manufacturers with the quality of their products such as decks, wheels, and other skateboard accessories. This brand also become famous clothing company, they produce cool stuff that usually used by skaters such as beanie, snapback, hoodie, and tees. Skateboard is not only about shred your deck onto the ground, but more than that, it’s also about fashion, that is why […]

darkstar complete skateboard

Darkstar Skateboards: A Mixture between Quality and Popularity

There are so many skateboard manufacturers and all of them tried their best to keep producing the best skateboard with very good quality. Darkstar skateboard is one of the best skateboard manufacturers, and the quality of Darkstar products has been acknowledged as the best in this sport, but what makes this product become very popular? Darkstar has been famous for their cool design and the quality of the decks, but […]

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Express Yourself with Custom Skateboard Decks

Custom skateboard decks are the right choice for skaters who want to design their own skateboard deck. Skaters may be proud with their skateboard skills but many skaters also want to be fashionable with their skateboard decks. There are many famous brands that produced skateboard decks such as Rip Curl, Billabong, DC, Flip, and still many of them, but sometimes you just cannot find skateboard decks that really match with […]

pro blank skateboard decks

Designing Your Own Skateboard

Are you looking for a new skateboard on stores but you cannot find one you like? It normally comes from the design, isn’t it? Perhaps you have different taste of design that the market is not providing. Additionally some people would like to learn decorating their skateboard themselves and they actually can. First, you can find blank skateboard decks with cheaper price than a whole or a ready-to-use skateboard. Its […]

globe cruiser skateboards

Solution for Beginners on Skateboarding

Not everyone is brave in doing fast moving sport such as skateboarding. They are particularly afraid of slamming and falling down due to lack of balance. Surprisingly, the types of skateboards can quite affect how often you will slam or fall down. Are you into speedy and sudden moves? Then skateboard is the answer as it has a longer board and smaller wheels to support speedy moves. In contrary, are […]

kids skateboard helmets

Know Your Skateboarding Safety

Every sport must have its own safety rules, including skateboarding. Parts of your body that need to be protected whilst skateboarding are knees, ankles, arms and head. As we know that head is the most crucial part of our body because the brain orders our body to do everything in daily life. Once the brain stops working, our body will stop working as well. Thus, skaters need skateboard helmets to […]

lucky skateboard bearings

Essential Part of Skateboarding

Wheels are the most essential part of a skateboard. Not to mention the others are unimportant, but it will not be called a skateboard if it does not have wheels. In addition, the feel of skateboarding itself will decrease due to the lack function of its wheels. To have the wheels working well, you need to put attention on skateboard bearings. Mainly you must know the core part of gskateboard […]

kryptonics torpedo skateboard

Skate Your Kryptonics

Skateboarding is a kind of sport well-known among young people that first started to use in 1940s. To people who have never done skateboarding, they usually think of a group of young people playing a flat board along with four wheels below the board itself. They can move fast and even jump without being afraid to fall down and balancing their body is surely needed to do these moves. If […]

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Fascinating Selection of Original Skateboards

When you want to find the best product of original skateboards, you have to make sure that you choose the one with good quality in it. In fact, quality is the one that you have to consider. When you select the original one, you will be able to make your mind become comfortable and ease. In addition, some people also say that they can get this product easily. You can […]